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Welcome to a site that's always under construction but free of those annoying "under construction" graphics. Often I get e-mail inquiries that determine what I'll work on next. Please go to the new message board and post your comments there. I'd like it to be an active platform for an exchange of information. Also, see the inquiries section of the site. Please feel free to explore. Your suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated.

The first five generations of Dowds in the New World span the years 1639 – 1770. Roughly divided, each generation falls within a twenty-five year period of time. For simplicity, I've presented the generations in quarter-century increments. I have a long way to go.

Acknowledgments and a statement of purpose. A Dedication to Anna Mae Conrad.

Historical Background:
The English Reformation / The Puritans / Albion's Seed / Henry Whitfield / The Pequots / Guilford, Connecticut.

1625 – 1649: Generation 1
Henry and Elizabeth Doude were Puritan settlers. We can learn something about them by understanding the religious community they were a part of at the time of The Great Migration (1629 - 1640.
English marriage records indicate that Elizabeth's last name may have been Dadson, not Woolett as often supposed.
An inventory of Henry Doude's estate at the time of his death was recorded in New Haven Probate District between November 1668 and October 1669.

Genealogy. Generations 1 and 2 are combined. This section, like the other genealogy sections, is in PDF format. You will need a free Acrobat Reader plug-in to view it. If you don't have it, you can easily download it now through this link.

1650 – 1674: Generation II
Genealogy. Much of the information presented here has been verified by vital records. I have used Willis Wedworth Dowd's numbering system as a model of organization, but make necessary additions and addenda. I also provide full dates whenever I can. Supplementary information about individuals, such as probate records and personal profiles, are hyper-linked to their subjects.

1675 – 1699: Generation III
Genealogy. This generation poses the greatest challenge for researchers. I am indebted to Anna Mae Conrad and Jean Rumsey's exhaustive research into early Connecticut vital records for much of the information presented here. The misinformation that originated with WW's book, only to be reprinted by O.L Dowd and disseminated by LDS, has mislead many who have searched in vain for their early ancestors.

1700 – 1724: Generation IV
This part of my research is still in progress. I have bits and pieces of information that I can provide through direct inquiry. Please use the Genealogy Inquiry Form to contact me.

1725 – 1750: Generation V
As with Generation IV, I am still gathering information about these families. I'll be glad to share what information I have and grateful for any that comes my way.

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