Nowadays, additive manufacturing which is also known as 3D printing is striking in the market. It is a process of transforming, making and creating objects three-dimensionally from digital files. When we talk about the past decades, only a few numbers of people used this application since it is expensive and costly, but with further innovations and discoveries this type of printing becomes affordable and accessible to different fields of industries. In fact, it is also much helpful in the field of education in ensuring effective learning. In addition, one of the most common reasons why three-dimensional printing is at high peak in this generation is because it uses simple technology and can be applied easily in all types of fields.  

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Now, let us take a look at the different uses of 3D printing 

In terms of education, most schools are purchasing three-dimensional printers and integrate three-dimensional printing in their school’s curriculum. This will allow them to create and make mock-up objects that will help them ensure better learning. These mock-up objects are way too better than objects that can only be imagined and be seen on the screen. These mock-up objects can be seen, held and manipulated by the students that will surely ensure better comprehension and understanding about the topics being taught.  

On the other hand, when we talk about medical purposes, three-dimensional printings already save lives. There are cases that three-dimensional printing is being used by the hospitals to print organs from the own cells of the patient. This will allow the patients to not wait any longer for donors. The process includes the following: after printing a scaffold of the particular organ, it is being coated with living cells of the patient. This is also helpful to doctors, as mock-up objects will help them to demonstrate and identify what particular part is being affected by any bacteria or viruses. This will also lead to proper understanding and proper move to undertake to cure the diseases.   

In addition, one of the major uses of three-dimensional printing includes the prototyping. This prototyping is a big help to companies in the industrial field. It will help them to examine and evaluate products that are still in the process of development before releasing it to the market. It will also identify factors and elements that might implicate the products and will allow the company to prevent these factors.   

In the future, three-dimensional printing will standardize and regularize the production of goods, the production of medical supplies and other things. The spreading of this technology will allow the marginalized people to stay connected with other people around the world. It is also a huge help in preparing for upcoming disaster and calamities. Aside from that, three-dimensional printing can be used to protect our planet by recycling old materials and transforming it into a useful one.